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Frozen Sweet Potato


Chinese sweet potato/yellow sweet potato/purple sweet potato/red sweet potato,

Trimmed,washed,blanched,cooled and frozen sweet potato from Chinese origin. 

1.General description:

Trimmed,washed,blanched,cooled and frozen sweet potato from Chinese origin.

The product is produced according to good manufacturing procedure (HACCP systems) and is metal detected.

2.General requirements:

The diced potato has to be free from preservatives and other additives,

According to the regulation stated in the EEC legislation and USDA 

Well peeled and diced, typical color of this product, characteristic flavour and taste, without residues, without damaged or rotten ones, without foreign substance.
3. Parameters of aproval:

Size:10x10mm ,20*20mm cubes, min 75% are fine regular cubes which fall within this size.
strips: 10*10mm, nature long.

Colour: typical linght yellow color of this variety

Taste and flavour: typical, sound, ripe carrot



Skins: absent

Foreign bodies and others: absent